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Need a lens ?
Need a lens ?

Std C/CS mount macro, vari-focal & zoom lenses

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Sony Firewire Cameras   Hitachi Cameras   

3 CCD Colour Cameras  

Three CCD Colour Cameras from Sony, Hitachi,
and Toshiba for Scientific, Medical and 
Industrial Vision Applications




Two Piece Camera Systems

IK-HD1 Toshiba
Introducing the world’s smallest high definition camera head and ultra-compact control unit, the IK-HD1 3CCD HDTV Camera. The Toshiba IK-HD1 True High Definition 3CCD Camera(dual video outputs including 1080i via HD0SDI and analog RGB) is perfect for Scientific imaging /diagnostics, Specialty broadcast, Homeland security and  Industrial video / inspection applications

Toshiba’s first 3CCD Remote Head Camera offered with digital output and a choice of 1/3 inch or 1/2 inch image sensors. The Toshiba IK-TU61 colour video camera is an ideal solution for machine vision, microscopy, broadcast and other imaging applications. LVDS Digital and RGB analog outputs
DXC-C33P Sony 
Remote head video camera. 1/3" CCD type 3-CCD with exwave technology. The 2-piece design makes the UL-2601 listed DXC-C33 a perfect fit for remote camera applications such as slit lamp and surgical microscopy. RGB, Y/C composite and DV output. Uses C-mount type lens mount.
HV-D27E Hitachi
Two piece colour camera featuring a compact lightweight camera head with 3 x 1/2" CCDs. A full menu system for selecting camera operational parameters is provided, once selections are made they can be stored to on of three files.

One Piece Cameras

hvd30_sm.jpg (1006 bytes) HV-D30P Hitachi 
1/3-inch x 3-CCD Ultra Compact, high resolution, 3-CCD colour camera with a third- generation 14-bit DSP and a signal-to-noise ratio of 64 dB.  The C mount lens fitting provides convenient physical compatibility with a broad selection of readily available and specialised optical systems.
SONY DXC-390 industrial camera is a 1/3" type DSP 3-CCD color video camera DXC-390P Sony
1/3" 3 CCD PAL Camera, Exwave Ideal for point of view, machine vision and industrial microscopy applications, the DXC-390 incorporates Exwave HAD™ technology - the Sony technology that greatly improves camera sensitivity (F8 at 2000 lx) while reducing smear compared to previous CCD technologies.
  DXC-990P Sony
1/2 type DSP 3CCD colour video camera for remote camera applications. Perfect for sports shooting, houses of worship, and boardrooms --and even microscopy- the DXC-990 uses a bayonet-mount lens and provides a resolution of 850 TVL and a S/N ration of 63dB.
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