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Sony DXC-990P
1/2-Inch 3-CCD "PAL" Colour Camera

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Ask us About the DXC-990P ?

If you need an affordable 1/2 type DSP 3CCD color video camera for remote camera applications, Sony's DXC-990 will shoot video wherever you go. Perfect for sports shooting, houses of worship, and boardrooms --and even microscopy-- the DXC-990 uses a bayonet-mount lens and provides a resolution of 850 TVL and a S/N ration of 63dB. The camera also incorporates Exwave HAD technology -- the Sony technology that greatly improves camera sensitivity (F11 @2000 lx) while reducing smear compared to previous CCD technologies.

  •  High Resolution: 850 TVL
  •  3CCD with new 10 Bit DSP Technology
  •  Compact size - measuring 70 X 72 X 123.5mm
  •  Lightweight, weighing only 800g or approximately 1.7 lbs
  •  Bayonet mount with double hot shoe lenses available
  •  RGB, Y/C and Y/R-Y/B-Y and composite outputs


Pick Up Device 1/2 Type IT Exwave HAD CCD
Effective Picture Elements NTSC: 768 (H) x 494 (V) PAL: 752 (H) x 582 (V)
Sensing Area 6.4 x 4.8 mm
Scanning System 1/2 type interlined
Horizontal Frequency
15.734 kHz
Vertical Frequency 59.94 Hz
Sync System Internal or external with VBS, HD/VD
Horizontal Resolution 850 TV Lines
F11 (2000 lux)
Minimum Illumination 1 lux (F1.4, GAIN. HYPER)
S/N Ratio 63 dB (NTSC) / 62 dB (PAL)
Gain STEP/AGC (0-24 dB) HYPER
Shutter Speed 0.5 - 1/100,000 s
Lens Mount Bayonet Mount
AE Area Multi/Large/Medium/Spot/Slit/Manual
AE Level Variable
AE Speed Fast/Mid/Slow selectable
AE Detect Average/Peak selectable
Contrast Effect Manual/DynaLatitute/DCC+ selectable
Knee Point High/Normal/Low selectable
Black Stretch Variable
Gamma On/Off
Pedestal Master, R/B manual adjustable
Black balance ABB
White balance AWB/ATW normal/ATW wide/Manual/3200K/5600K selectable, AWB or ATW R/B paint, manual R/G gain
ATW area Normal/Manual
ATW speed Slow/Mid/Fast
Detail Level On (Variable) Off
Detail frequency High/Mod/Low
Linear Matrix On/Off
Linear Matrix Mode Standard/R Enchanced/G Enhance/B Enhance/Manual Selectable
Partial Enhance All/In/Out
CCD Integration Mode Field/Frame
Shading Compensation On/Off (Manual)
Trigger Polarity Positive edge trigger/Negative edge trigger selectable
Baud Rate 19200/9600/4800/2400/1200 selectable
Trigger On/Off
User File A/B
Scene File Standard/Microscope/Full Auto/Strobe/File A or B
Output Signals VBS, RGB/SYNC, Y/C, Y/R-Y/B-Y
Serial Data RS-232
Operational temperature -5C to 45C (23F to 113F)
Storage temperature -20C to 60C (-4F to 140F)
Power Requirements DC 10.5 V to 15.0V
Power Consumption Approx. 8.0W
Dimensions 70 x 72 x 123.5 (2 7/8 x 2 7/8 x 4 7/8)
Weight 630 g (1 lb. 6 oz)
Connectors RGB/SYNC (9pin D-sub.) DC IN/VBS (12 pin), VIDEO OUT (BNC), TRIGGER IN (BNC), REMOTE (8 pin mini DIN), GEN LOCK IN (BNC), Lens (6 pin)

 Optional Accessories

Model Name


CCMC12P02/US 2m Cable (for CMA-D2 and DXC Cameras)
CCMC12P05/US 5m Cable for CMA-D2 and DXC cameras
CCMC12P10/US 10 Meter Cable for DXC Series
CCMC12P25/US 25m Cable (CMA-D7 and DXC Cameras)
CCMC3MZ 3m camera cable for DXC-390
CCMC9DS/US RGB Cable w/ S Video Out-DXC Cameras
CMAD2 12V Power Supply, DXC Series
LO32BMT Lens Mount Adaptor for 3 2/3" CCD Lenses
RMC950 Serial Remote Control, DXC Series
VCL0716BXA 1/2" B&I Fujinon Dual Hot Shoe 16x Lens/DXC-990/9000/1
CCDC10 10m DC Cable (DXC Series)
CCDC10/US 10m DC Power Cable for DXC Cameras
CCDC100A 100m DC Power Cable (DXC Cameras)
CCDC25 25m DC power cable (DXC Series)
CCDC25/US 25m DC Power Cable (DXC Cameras)
CCDC5 5m DC power cable (DXC series)
CCDC5/US 5m DC Power Cable (DXC cameras)
CCDC50A 50m DC Power Cable (DXC Series)
CCMC12P02 2m Cable for CMA-D2 w/DXC Series
CCMC12P05 5m Cable for CMA-D2 w/DXC Series
CCMC12P10 10m Cable for CMA-D2 w/DXC Series
CCMC12P25 25m Cable for CMA-D7 w/DXC Series
CCXC9DD RGB Cable, D-sub, XC-711/711RR
CMAD2CE 19" Rackable 12 V Power Supply (DXC-390P, 990P, 9000P, 107A, LS1/1)
CMAD2MD AC Power Supply
CMAD3 13V DC Power Supply, DXC Series
CMAD3CE 12V Power Supply - max. cable length 100m (DXC-390P, 950P, 9000, 107A, LS1/1)
MVA41A Microscope Adaptor, DXC-990/9000
MVAC33/N Microscope Coupler, Nikon Microscopes
SME9DB/2 Video Cable for DXC Series Cameras
SMECSRGB/10 10m (33') Cable
SMECSRGB/2 2m (6') Cable
SMECSRGB/5 5m (16') Cable
SMECVRGB/10 10m (33') Cable
SMECVRGB/2 2m (6') Cable
SMECVRGB/5 5m (16') Cable
VCL707BXM 7x Manual Zoom Lens (DXC-9000/1)
VCL714BXEA 1/2" B&I ENG Fujinon Dual Hot Shoe Lens
VCL717BXEA 1/2" Fujinon Dual Hot Shoe Lens

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