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Digital Cameras
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Digital Firewire Cameras from Sony, Basler, Prosilica, The Imaging Source, Unibrain
Official Sony Firewire Camera Distributors
   Basler Pioneer Series Cameras
    Basler Vision Technologies      Sony
    PixeLINK        The Imaging Source - Manufacturer of Affordable Firewire Cameras
Firewire Cameras Need a lens ?Need a lens ?
Std C/CS mount macro,
vari-focal & zoom lenses
The firewire (IEEE 1394a IEEE-1394b) interface, together with excellent software support, provide plug-and-play ease of integration — no frame grabber required! These cameras are high performance digital cameras for machine vision and industrial applications including industrial inspection, machine vision, semiconductor imaging, food processing, traffic and security, as well as a wide range of test and measurement applications.

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New Products
Video Streaming SoftwareVideo Recording Software
Video recording solutions, machine maintenance etc
Developers SoftwareSoftware
Machine Vision, Image Analysis and more

Firewire Camera Starter KitsFirewire Accessories
Cables, Camera Housings, Extenders, Firewire Cards.
Camera Selection
Basler Pioneer Series Cameras Basler Pioneer Series Cameras Basler Pioneer Series Cameras Basler Pioneer Series Cameras
Entry Level/
Low Cost
Std Resolution Monochrome Std Resolution
High Resolution
High Resolution
Basler Pioneer Series Cameras
Digital Microscope Cameras 3 CCD Colour
Zoom Cameras
(builtin zoom lens)
OEM Board
Fire-i for Home/Office Applications


Camera Enclosures
A Full range of indoor and outdoor enclosures (rain and dustproof to protect cameras from adverse environmental conditions).
For Information indoor and outdoor camera enclosures Click here



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