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Sony Remote Head Video 1/3" 3 CCD Camera

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Ask us About the DXC-C33P ?

Ideal for use in space-limited locations, the DXC-C33/C33P incorporates one of the smallest/lightest camera head units featuring a 1/3 type 3CCD. In spite of its compact and lightweight camera head unit, this model inherits the superb picture quality of the DXC Series. The DXC-C33 boasts a horizontal resolution of 850 TV lines and minimum illumination of 2000 lux at F8. Various features such as DynaLatitude™ and Partial Enhance are incorporated in this model.

A first for the DXC Series and for 3CDD small head cameras, the DXC-C33/C33P is equipped with a DV output terminal. Thanks to the DV output terminal, video signals can be recorded directly to i.LINK™ interface-equipped VTR with no quality deterioration. With excellent features and UL-2601 medical approval, the DXC-C33/C33P is the right choice for medical, research and industrial microscopy applications.

  • High resolution: 850 TVL
  • Remote Camera Head Design
  • DV output using Sony's i.LINK interface
  • 3CCD with new 10 Bit DSP Technology
  • Incredibly lightweight and compact size: measuring 32 X 38 X 40mm, and weighing only 48 grams (camera head unit)
  • C-mount type lens mount
  • Other outputs: RGB, composite, and Y/C


Required Accessories

Model Name


CCMC20P05 5m Camera Cable For DXC-C33
CCMC20P10 10m Camera Cable For DXC-C33
CCMC20P30 30m Camera For DXC-C33

Optional Accessories

Model Name


CCMC9DS/US RGB Cable w/ S Video Out-DXC Cameras
FS20 Wired Remote Foot Switch Control
CCXC9DBUS 9 pin 5m RGB Cable-VBS, Dsub (DXC Series and XC-003)
DSR20MDP Medical Grade DVCAM Recorder/Player (PAL)
FS36 Foot Switch (3-Way)
MVA15 1/3" Microscope Adaptor, DXC-390
MVAC33/N Microscope Coupler, Nikon Microscopes
MVAC33/O Microscope Coupler, Olympus Microscope
MVAC33SM Microscope Coupler(Nikon SMZ10 Microscope)
VCL08WM 1/3" C Mount Lens for DXC-390/XC-003
VCL16WM 1/3" C Mount Lens 16mm(DXC390/XC003)

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