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Need a lens ?
Need a lens ?
Std C/CS mount macro,
vari-focal & zoom lenses

Video Streaming Software
Video Streaming Software
For video recording, machine maintenance etc

Developers Software
Developers Software
Imaging Libraries, image application packages


Sony's New 1394b Firewire Camera
  Sony's New 1394b Firewire Cameras

Digital Cameras  

We have a complete range of Industrial Firewire(IEEE-1394a, IEEE-1394b), GigE  and USB 2.0
digital cameras. Also included are high speed "Camera Link" and GigE cameras.

Select Camera by Manufacturer

Basler Vision Technologies Prosilica Firewire Cameras  
The Imaging Source - Manufacturer of Affordable Firewire Cameras Sony Industrial Cameras Lumenera USB Cameras
Hitachi Cameras PixeLink Firewire Cameras

Digital Cameras

GigE Cameras Compact, high-performance Gigabit Ethernet CCD and CMOS cameras. GigE Vision compliant. Long cable-length, fast frame rates, advanced features.
Basler Pioneer Series Cameras Firewire Cameras Ultra compact 1394a and 1394b cameras for machine vision applications. High performance 1394 cameras for industrial inspection that are very small and light weight.
Digital Vision Cameras USB 2.0 Cameras USB 2.0 is an attractive camera interface for those requiring a single-cable connection. Cameras are ideally suited to both machine vision and microscopy applications.
High Speed Cameras High speed digital imaging for motion analysis. High resolution high speed, colour/ mono cameras and systems. PC based and standalone systems up to 250,000 fps.
High Definition Cameras True High Definition (HD) cameras for Scientific imaging /diagnostics, Specialty broadcast, Homeland security and  Industrial video / inspection applications.

L301 Series Line Scan Cameras

Line Scan Cameras Line scan cameras designed for advanced users of digital industrial cameras who require megapixel resolution (1024 to 8096 pixels) - GigE and Camera Link output.
DVT Smart Cameras Smart Cameras Cognex and PPT are machine vision systems for inspection, quality control and code reading with a wide range of vision systems
MegaPixel IP Cameras Lumenera’s series of industrial IP megapixel cameras are designed to be used in a wide variety of applications, particularly in high-speed conditions. Both colour and monochrome product models are available with resolutions from 1.3MP to 11MP.
Standard IP Cameras IPELA is Sony's vision of the ultimate workplace, designed to revolutionize the way business communicates over global IP networks. Utilizing Sony's line of high quality, IP-ready videoconferencing and monitoring products, communication is delivered in high-resolution images and naturally clear audio.
High Speed Digital Recording Systems


StreamPix 3 StreamPix is a digital video recording software that allows you to record live un-compressed or compressed video directly to your PC's RAM or hard disk drive in real time at up to 625 Mbytes/second. Create movie clips in AVI or other file formats such as bmp, tiff, multi-tiff, mpeg or jpeg format. StreamPix guarantees no image drops when acquiring a sequence.
StreamPix 4 With StreamPix 4, it is possible to view, control and acquire from multiple cameras simultaneously in the same interface. The user interface of Streamix 4 provides a complete management console for cameras, simplifying the setup, control and acquisition from any number and type of cameras, both locally and remotely connected. StreamPix 4 can support an infinite number of cameras. The number of cameras supported is limited by a condition wherein the combined data rate of the cameras exceeds the PCI bus bandwidth or processor capabilities of the computer.
TroublePix TroublePix is digital video recording software for event capture and trouble shooting applications. TroublePix is ideal for factory floor applications requiring easy to use GUI. Using TroublePix you can acquire, view and review all sequences at the same time. Use in factory, outdoors or laboratory where ease of use is a major requirement. 
StreamPix Station 625 1280 x 1024 x 500 fps, 1024 x 512 x 1250 fps

Laptop Solutions

TroublePix 200 Laptop
TroubleShooter 150/500

StreamPix4: 4 x 80 VGA

Portable PC's for Field Applications



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