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Imaging Products
Basler A600 Series Cameras

Digital CMOS Area Scan Monochrome/Colour
IEEE 1394 Output

     - Up to to 100 fps at VGA Resolution
     - Up to to 25fps at 1.3MPixel Resolution
     - Up to to 14fps at 2MPixel Resolution
Basler A600 Series Basler Vision Technologies
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Basler A600 Series cameras are designed for industrial users who require high frame rates and exceptional image quality. Their compact size and the ease of integration associated with their IEEE 1394 interface make A600 cameras ideal for analog users seeking the advantages of digital video.

The CMOS sensor based cameras in the A600 family are available with VGA resolution at up to 100 fps and with 1.4 megapixel resolution at up to 25 fps. The CCD sensor based cameras are available with 1.45 or 2 megapixel resolution with maximum rates of 17 and 14 fps respectively. And on most of these cameras, you can use the Area of Interest feature to capture a smaller image area at even higher frame rates.

A600 high-performance cameras are a perfect fit for a variety of applications including: semiconductor and component inspection, manufacturing quality control, food and beverage inspection, microscopy and medical imaging, biometrics, and many other vision applications.

A high dynamic range (HDR) version of the A601f monochrome camera is also available. This version of the camera can simulate a dynamic range of 112 dB with an excellent signal-to-noise ratio for each gray value. The A601f-HDR is especially useful for capturing images of scenes with both bright and dark areas.

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  Ask us About the A600 Series ?

  UltraVision Lite  Digital Video
  Streaming Software
(free on request
  with every camera purchased)

Need a lens ? Need a lens ?
Std C/CS mount macro,
vari-focal & zoom lenses.
Video Streaming Software Video Streaming Software
(video recording, machine
maintenance etc)
Digital Cables Firewire Accessories
Cables, PCI Firewire cards,
repeaters etc
Developers Software Software
Machine Vision, Image Anaysis

The frame rate for the A602f and
  A602fc can be increased by reducing
  the Region of Interest (ROI). For
  example a 100x100 pixel ROI gives a
  frame rate of 495fps.
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Superior image quality improves your image processing results
Ultra compact size reduces the space needed in your installation
100% factory testing ensures consistent product quality
When combined with the BCAM 1394 Driver and a standard
IEEE 1394 adapter, these cameras offer a cost effective, plug
and play solution for industrial quality digital video
Windows® setup tool lets you configure your camera with ease
Electronic exposure time control provides maximum flexibility
A600 cameras can be triggered via an external sync signal or run in an internally controlled "free-run" mode. These cameras operate on a single voltage power supply and have the advantages of the standard cable and adapter requirements of IEEE 1394. A combination of features such as AOI scanning and test images ensures that these versatile cameras provide an exceptional price/performance ratio.
When using our 1394 BCAM Driver SDK in combination with our Smart Features Framework software:
An extended data stream feature that lets you append image related information to the data for each capured image. The extended data can include information such as DCAM values (shutter, gain, brightness, AOI, etc.), a CRC checksum, a frame counter, and a time stamp
An I/O stamp to tag each captured image with the state of the camera's digital I/O ports when the image was captured
A look up table for gamma correction and/or lossless data compression
The ability to control the status of the camera's digital I/O ports via your software
A600 high-performance cameras are a perfect fit for a variety of vision applications including semiconductor and component inspection, manufacturing quality control, food and beverage inspection, microscopy and medical imaging, biometrics, and many others. When using the cameras in life science or microscopy applications, the long exposure feature (up to 5 seconds without cooling) on the CCD based cameras is particularly valuable.

Basler BCAM 1394 Driver/SDK

The Basler BCAM 1394 Driver/SDK includes a fully functional driver for IEEE 1394 cameras along with a Software Development Kit. When the BCAM 1394 Driver is combined with a Basler IEEE 1394 camera, it offers users a low cost, plug and play solution. Integration is easy and problems with matching cables and creating interface files are eliminated. More Information

Firewire SDK/Drivers
Selecting the correct SDK/driver for your application is very important.
Apart from the free SDK/drivers listed below (Linux Drivers also available)
we also have commercial SDK/Drivers available.To help identify what
driver is best for your application please contact us for more information.
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Free Generic IIDC Firewire SDK/Drivers
Apart from the new Sony SDK we have available free generic IIDC industrial firewire camera SDK/drivers (Linux Drivers also available) . We supply these, on request, with every camera purchased - please contact us for more information.
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Commercial SDK/Drivers
Fire-iAPI™3.0 IEEE-1394 Digital Camera Development ToolKit

A complete SDK to develop and debug professional applications for IIDC 1394 Digital Cameras.
Fire-iAPI™3.0 now includes in one product both MS Stack and ubCore™ SDKs, allowing the developer to choose the most appropriate tools for his project. Same licensing scheme is valid in both environments.
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Image Analysis/Machine Vision Development Tools:
- MonitVision Development Kit
Euresys eVision Vision Tools

Video Streaming Software
Application Software:
- UltraVision Lite/Pro
- StreamPix

Packaging - Camera Kits
The A600 series camera can be purchased as a packaged kit or as an individual component.
Basler A600 Series Digital Camera Kit
  • Any Basler A600 series camera
  • Ultra/DLL or BCAM SDK/Driver Software
  • UltraVision Lite Video Streaming Software
  • Choice of PCI or PCMCIA Firewire Interface Card(inc accessories kit)
  • C-mount lens. More Info
  • One 2m, 4.5 m or 10m FireWire 6-pin cable
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