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Industrial Cameras

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Machine Vision and Image Analysis Software

Machine Vision Software

Vial Inspection Application  eVision Software
Euresys eVision forms a unique suite of robust software tools tailored for industrial machine vision. eVision contains three ranges of products: General-purpose Libraries, Mark Inspection Libraries and Advanced Libraries. The General-purpose Libraries are suitable for a variety of tasks common to image processing in all industrial applications such as image enhancement and calibration, blob analysis, template matching, alignment, colour inspection, measurement and dimension control. Mark Inspection Libraries include tools for Optical Character Recognition, Optical Character Verification, bar code and data matrix code reading. The Advanced Libraries target specific applications such as 2D BGA inspection.

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Development Kit

MontiVision Development Kit acquires images from Framegrabbers, as well as GigE, FireWire, USB and Network Cameras. Further image and video files of different formats can also be read and written. Special modules enable applications to access the image data of a video stream, allowing the user to evaluate and manipulate the image data directly. Existing image processing applications can be easily extended to acquire data from a host of DirectX®-compatible capture cards.
High Speed Video Recording Software
StreamPix 5
is a sophisticated digital video recording software package.  High speed, High resolution, Multiple simultaneous camera acquisition, GPS/IO/IRIG data recording and much more. Record live un-compressed or compressed video directly to your PC's RAM or hard disk drive in real time at up to 625 Mbytes/second. Create movie clips in AVI or other file formats such as bmp, tiff, multi-tiff, mpeg or jpeg format. StreamPix guarantees no image drops when acquiring a sequence.
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Image Analysis Software
GLOBAL LAB Image Image Analysis Software GLOBAL LAB

Data Translation GLOBAL LAB® Image/2 is a complete, customisable imaging package that is ideal for scientific applications requiring measuring, classifying, edge-tracking, counting, size distribution analysis as well as many other measurement and analysis tasks. Providing multiple program development levels and a complete library of imaging and analysis tools, GLI/2 is a all-in-one solution you need to solve your complex imaging applications.
V++ Image Anaysis Software  V++
Digital Optics V++ incorporates many hundreds of image processing functions - all of those you would expect and many more besides. The broad areas of functionality include non-destructive brightness, contrast and gamma corrections, automatic shading corrections, geometric transformations, linear filters (up to NxN) and non-linear filters, Fourier processing (with true complex data), histograms, intensity profile plotting, image statistics, image arithmetic, logical operations, relational operations, extended mathematics morphological processing, automatic counting and full object shape analysis, and more ...
im_montivision_imageanalyser.gif (3069 bytes)  Image Analyser
The MontiVision Image Analyser is an interactive measurement tool. The key feature of this tool is its simplicity. This is due to the fact that it concentrates on the measurement of basic geometrical features and avoids  the complexity of highly specialized tools. Typical application areas are quality control, criminology, medicine, biology, geology, forensic applications, pathology, metallurgy, etc. The acquisition of images is not restricted to proprietary frame grabbers, but is based on DirectX. Therefore, the MontiVision Image Analyser works with any image source that is compatible to DirectX.
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