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Imaging Products
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Image processing and analysis tools
with a modern and OEM-tailored licensing scheme to
Download, Develop, Deploy applications on any platform


          General Features
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) Easy to learn and use
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) Robust, flexible and powerful
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) Accurate: sub-pixel measurement and calibration
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) Thread-safe
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) Straightforward evaluation, learning and development
thanks to dedicated accessories
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) Compatible with
        - Windows  x86 processor architecture
    - A wide variety of programming languages and
development  environments

Open eVision is a rich suite of reliable, powerful and flexible software tools dedicated to image processing and analysis. Open eVision contains a set of libraries designed to be integrated into your C++, .NET or ActiveX application.

EasyImage, EasyColor, EasyObject, EasyMatch, EasyFind and EasyGauge cover applications such as image filtering and enhancement, blob analysis, pattern matching, alignment and metrology.

EasyOCV, EasyOCR, EasyBarCode and EasyMatrixCode, include functions for optical character recognition, character printing inspection and 1D / 2D barcode reading.

Available Libraries



  Open eVision 1.1 New Features
  Flexible Masks provide a powerful way of restricting the processing to freely shaped parts of an image
  New image processing functions
    - Interest point detectors: Canny edge and Harris corner detectors
    - Hit-and-miss transform
  Blob analysis with a global increase of the performance
    - For large images and images with numerous objects
  And more
    - Improved execution time through the use of SSE2 technology
    - Thread-safety
    - Support of new IDEs and OS - including Windows 7 and Vista
    - Support for additional image formats -JPEG-2000, PNG
    - Robust and fast geometric pattern matching in the consistent edges mode
    - New Open eVision learning accessories

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