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logo_ag.gif (1109 bytes)VEE Pro 7.5 (Now shipping)

Agilent VEE Pro - the best tool for fast measurement analysis

Looking for an alternative to complex programming environments? Agilent VEE Pro, named one of EDN Magazine´s "Hot 100 Products of 2004," is a highly productive, intuitive graphical programming environment, designed to help you create better tests FAST! Throughout industries such as aerospace and defense, wireless and consumer electronics, VEE Pro simplifies the tasks associated with test development: Connect. Measure. Analyze. Present.

VEE Pro is better than ever with new...

  • Easy, menu-driven control of Microsoft® Excel for saving and retrieving data as well as automating reports
  • Integrated support of National Instruments data acquisition and modular instrumentation hardware
  • Built-in sample programs and auto-detect functionality for a fast onramp to using Agilent instruments
  • Quick access to the .NET framework for adding email capability to VEE programs, accessing databases, etc.
  • Support for Microsoft .NET controls (widgets) for building richer user interfaces, and more...
  • View a complete description of VEE Pro 7.5 enhancements

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VEE Pro 6.0 Graphical Programming Software

VEE Pro at your fingertips

Try VEE Pro free for 30 days. Download or Request a CD of the VEE Pro 7.5 evaluation software

Learn about VEE Pro´s newest features and VEE Pro users making headlines. View VEE TV

See what VEE Pro is and how you can use it create test programs. Attend VEE Web Seminars

Access the VEE Online User´s Group (vrf), consultants, downloads, manuals, and more. VEE Resources


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