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Data Acquisition Products
ISA Data Acquisition Boards
General-Purpose DAQ
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Next Generation Performance DAQ Cards: PCI-9221/9222/9223
 Multi-Function DAQ
Adlink Boards
16-CH 12-Bit 100 kS/s Low-Cost ACL-8112 Series
16-CH 16-Bit 100 kS/s Low-Cost ACL-8216
16-CH 16-Bit 100 kS/s without Analog Output ACL-8316/L
8-CH 12-Bit 50 kS/s Low-Cost ACL-8111
Axiomtek Boards
16-CH 12-Bit 60KHz kS/s Low-Cost AX5411H  
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 Analog Input
32-CH 12-Bit 30 kS/s Isolated AI ACL-8113A
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 General-Purpose Analog Output
6-CH 12-Bit Voltage & Current Output ACL-6126
2-CH 12-Bit Voltage and Current Output - Isolated ACL-6128A 
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 Digital I/O
16-CH Isolated DI & 16-CH Isolated DO ACL-7130


16-CH Relay Outputs & 16-CH Isolated DI ACL-7225


8-CH Relay Outputs & 8-CH Isolated DI ACL-7125
48-CH Opto-22 Compatible  PET-48DIO
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