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DSP Control and Data Acquisition

The DT9840 Series is the most powerful real-time DSP data
acquisition system ever built. It combines the ultra-fast
TI 320C6713 DSP chip with the world's most accurate data 
acquisition capability. This series features two or eight 24-bit 
analog inputs, two or eight  24-bit analog outputs, 24 lines
of digital I/O, and three 32-bit counter timers.

 DT9840 Series for OEM's  DT9840 Sleek Box Series  DT9841-VIB  DT9840 Series Software
Put the power of the DSP into your products Complete Measurement packages in a box IEPE powered sensors in combination with the power of a DSP Select the software which is familiar to you

-Select your input and
 output numbers and type
 of measurement
-All provided with a wide
 range of supporting software
-Select your input and
 output numbers and type of  measurement
-All provided with a wide
 range of supporting 
- 8 SE analog Inputs
- 24-bit, 100 kHz per channel
- 2 analog waveform outputs
- programmable DSP for
  highest performance
- BNC Box
- Free Dynamic Signal
  Analyzer Application
- Measure Foundry
- Interfaces to LabVIEW or
- TI Code Composer Studio
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