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Imaging Products

Camera Enclosures, Camera Housings
A Full range of indoor and outdoor enclosures
(rain and dustproof to protect cameras from adverse environmental conditions).

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Selection of indoor enclosures includes security-rated, in-ceiling, and corner mount models. Indoor enclosures are not environmentally sealed or capable of being electrically heated or cooled. If indoor conditions require the use of a sealed, heated/cooled unit, use an outdoor enclosure.

Outdoor enclosures are designed to withstand wide ranges of temperature, humidity, precipitation, and sunlight. Factory- and field-installed accessories may include blower, heater, window defroster, sun shroud, thermal insulation, and 240VAC electrical outlet.

Special application enclosures: explosion proof enclosures required for potentially combustible atmospheres; rain- and dustproof enclosures that operate in dusty or high-particulate environments; and corrosion proof enclosures that are exposed to corrosive or oxidizing chemicals.
High Security

High security enclosures are used where structural integrity and vandalism are a priority. These enclosures are perfect for public areas including detention and psychiatric facilities.

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