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Sony digital IEEE 1394 cameras provide excellent colour quality at high resolution in any lighting conditions

Improved hardware and firmware advance DFW-SX910 and DFW-X710 cameras on popular previous models

Sony Europe’s Image Sensing Solutions division, one of the pioneers in IEEE 1394 technology, has announced successors to the company’s popular treated colour machine vision models. With immediate effect, the DFW-SX910 and DFW-X710 will replace the DFW-SX900 and DFW-X700 models. With their high resolution, range of features, and internal colour treatment, the DFW-X910 and the DFW-X710 cameras are ideal for quality-critical colour imaging applications, in any type of fluctuating lighting conditions.

The two new advanced digital cameras incorporate an IEEE 1394 digital interface, are easy to install and use, and produce highly detailed, uncompressed images. The DFW-SX910 and DFW-X710 cameras are aimed at vision systems with low processor power or in need of white balance or picture adjustment. They are well matched to a variety of applications in industry such as surface analysis, factory automation and food processing or in the medical / pharmaceutical fields as microscopy.

Both compact cameras employ a progressive scan CCD with square pixels and a new primary filter for exceptional colour reproduction. The DFW-SX910 is equipped with a 1/2-type 1,450,000-pixel CCD and offers SXGA resolution images up to 7.5 frames/s, while the DFW-X710 provides XGA resolution up to of 15 frames/s and is equipped with a 1/3-type 800,000-pixel CCD.

As a result of Sony’s proprietary DSP development, both models incorporate a variety of convenient features such as an external and software trigger function, partial scan (16 x 16 zones), and have selectable output modes (frame rate/bit depth), making these cameras extremely flexible. The new integrated frame memory in the cameras guaranties a better and flexible use of the 1394 network bandwidth. The exposure output allows synchronisation with a strobe for improved capturing of fast moving objects. The DFW-SX910 and DFW-X710 units boast automatic and manual gain, and both models feature plug-and-play IEEE 1394 interfaces compliant to version 1.3 of the standard, providing up to 400 Mbps data rates.

The DFW-SX910 and DFW-X710 cameras operate from an 8-30 Volts DC supply via the IEEE 1394 cable with a power consumption of 4 Watts. The cameras are housed in compact, rugged steel cases measuring 55 (W) x 55 (H) x 110 (D) mm (2 1/4 x 2 1/4 x 4 3/8 inches) and each weighs 250g.