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Signal Conditioning Solutions
Industrial Grade Amplifiers
7B Signal Conditioning Modules 5B Signal Conditioning Modules
Isolated 8B Signal Conditioning Modules
The DI-8B Series is a family of low-cost, high performance plug-in signal conditioners. With over 90 modules to choose from that interface to a wide variety of voltage, current, temperature,  position, frequency, and strain measuring devices, it is easy to find a module to fit your signal conditioning data acquisition needs.
Isolated 5B Signal Conditioning Modules
The DI-5B Series is a family of high performance plugin signal conditioners. Designed for industrial applications, these modules incorporate an innovative circuit design using transformer based isolation. Combining 1500V rms continuous common mode voltage isolation, 0.05% accuracy and small size
Medical Grade Amplifiers
Biomedical Grade Amplifiers Anti-Alaising Filter Boards
Medical Grade Amplifiers
Just mix or match a range of CWE, Inc amplifiers and head stages to taylor the optimum signal conditioning system for your application - from blood pressure(ECG, EMG, ENG, EGG).
Anti-Aliasing Boards
High-quality filters, amplifiers, and signal conditioners used in data acquisition. Products include a wide variety of software-programmable, tunable & fixed-frequency low-pass filters.
SCS-800 LS-100/LS100R
High-performance signal conditioning system for PC-based data acquisition. An SCS-800 system consists of a battery or AC operable chassis & up to 8 multi-channel modules (up to 144 channels) 
The LS-100/LS100R Lab Standard uses the GSAF-10 Gold Series of precision analog anti-aliasing filters to provide a complete system solution specifically designed for 18-bit applications.


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The 5B Series is a family of low cost, high performance, plug-in signal conditioning modules. Designed for industrial applications, these modules incorporate an innovative circuit design using transformer-based isolation. Combining 1500V rms continuous common mode voltage isolation, 0.05% accuracy, small size and low cost, the 5B Series is an attractive alternative to expensive signal conditioners and in-house designs. Our DI-785 instruments accept up to 32 modules in any combination, providing an easy, safe, and flexible way to make industrial measurements. Our model DI-75B channel expander for DI-715B Data Logger, DI-720 Series, DI-722 Series, and DI-730 Series data acquisition instruments accepts up to 8 modules.

Rugged, Uniform Package

All modules are identical in pinout and size (2.25 2.25 0.60 inches), and are hard-potted to protect the internal circuitry from moisture and other contaminants.

High Performance

All modules feature 0.05% calibrated accuracy and 0.02% non-linearity. Chopper-based amplification assures a low drift of 1V/C and excellent long term stability.


The 5B Series can be easily tailored to the needs of many applications. These plug-in signal conditioners can be mixed and matched in any combination to adapt to even the most demanding applications. Each module features a simple pin-out, plugs easily into instrument-mounted sockets, and is secured with a self-contained mounting screw.

Easy To Use

The 5B Series has no pots to adjust. Simply choose the module, function, and measurement range, then install it in the instrument. Now connect your input signals. The instrument becomes a direct sensor interface, outputting a perfectly conditioned, 5V signal (ideal for WinDaq software).

On-Board CJ Compensation

Each input connector of the 5B Series backplane is complemented by a cold junction compensation circuit, allowing the thermocouple modules to be located in any position.