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Low Cost Data Acquisition 
Modules and Starter  Kits

 Labjack Series  Econ Series  Starter Kits  EasyLog Logger Series
Measurement and automation data acquisition devices. Low Cost USB 2.0 Mini instruments Very Low-cost yet extremely powerful data acquisition starter kits. Low-cost, compact, battery-operated data loggers with built-in memory.


DI-158 USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit

EasyLog Series
- Dedicated 24-bits A/D for
  each thermocouple, RTD,
  or voltage
- Isolation for each channel
- Anti-aliasing filter, lineariza
  tion, CJC for each channel
- Datalogger and Monitoring
  Application included 
- High Input Impedance for
  accurate measurements
- Multiplexed sampling at up
  to 50 kS/s, or simultaneous
  sampling up to 6x150kS/s
- Resolution: 10/12/16-bit
- Digital I/O Modules
- Analog Output Modules
- 4 or 8 channel versions
- 10/12-bit resolution
- Digital support
- 14,400Hz sample rate
- full scale range up to 64V
- programmable gains
- includes application
  software, ActiveX Controls
- compact analog inputs
- measure temperature,
  humidity, voltage, process
  current, carbon monoxide.
- programmable high/low
- battery operated
- auto time & date stamping
- Intrinsic isolation
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