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DT Measure Foundry™ 4.0.6 Powerful Software for Test and Measurement,
Control and Analysis Applications

DT Measure Foundry 4.0.6 is a powerful visual software environment for creating test and measurement, control, and analysis applications. By dragging and dropping instrument-like components, called panels, on to your worksheet and configuring their property pages, you can develop powerful applications quickly. No programming or wiring is required!

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Learn more about MATLAB® from The Mathworks

DT Measure Foundry
is available
to university and college students
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The direct connection between DT Measure Foundry and MATLAB allows you to perform any MATLAB command or operation within your test and measurement application.

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       Example applications video tutorial

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Getting started user’s manual
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Get details on DTiX – Data Translation Information Exchange.

New! Data Acquisition hardware/software bundles

New Features
  • Full MATLAB® and Microsoft® Excel® integration allows live and post data analysis with industry-standard software.
  • Latest Windows® XP graphical user interface – build applications in a familiar environment.
  • Direct thermocouple support allows temperature measurements.
  • Integrated OPC features allow easy access to OPC servers anywhere on the network.
  • Automatically converts variable types for other programs.
  • Centralized location for all objects and functions allows easy access and use of all capabilities.
  • Combine objects to create libraries of functions for individual use.
Standard Features
  • Control and run all features of PCI and USB data acquisition hardware
  • New approach to programming – no syntax errors, no wiring; just drag and drop.
  • Includes extensive example programs – quickly develop applications without training.
  • Perform hundreds of math operations and functions.
  • Inspector Tool displays all the connections in your application – great for design, debugging, and documentation.
  • Windows latencies minimized by patent-pending design.
DTiX - Data Sheet (PDF)
Data Translation Information Exchange (DTiX) lets you share variable and image data between DT Vision Foundry, Data Translation’s machine vision software, and DT Measure Foundry.  Users can perform measurement tasks that integrate sensor data with vision data and correlate the results under a single user interface.
System Requirements
PC compatible with a Pentium II/333 or higher recommendedCD-ROM drive
At least 128MB of RAM required, 256MB recommended
At least 80MB of free hard disk space
Microsoft Windows 2000 (SP1) or XP
Appropriate Data Translation WDM hardware device driver(s).
Microsoft Excel 2000 or higher (optional)
MATLAB 6.5 Release 13 or higher (optional)
OPC 2.0 Proxy (optional

SP1300-CD DT Measure Foundry Test and Measurement Application Builder (Windows 2000/XP)
SP1300-PD   SP1300-PD DT Measure Foundry Academic – DT Measure Foundry is available free to university and college students  – Call for information
SP1300/9802 Bundle Data Acquisition Starter Bundle with DT Measure Foundry and DT9802 USB Module
SP1300/DT9806 Bundle Data Acquisition Starter Bundle with DT Measure Foundry and DT9806 USB Module

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