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EL-USB-RT Data Logger

Low-cost, compact, PC-connected Data Logger

EL-USB-RT Data Logger

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EasyLog Data Logger Setup
Reviewing Recorded Data
  • Measures temperature, humidity, and dew point.
  • -20 to 70C (-4 to 158F), 0 to 100% RH measurement range
  • Three alarm actions in any combination: Text message to any cell phone, Email to any account, Local audible alarm
  • Low-cost, compact
  • Built-in USB interface for easy setup using any PC.
  • EasyLog application software for data logger setup, data download, and analysis
The EL-USB-RT is a Temperature/Humidity data logger that plugs into the USB port of a PC. It provides continuous monitoring of the local environment of the PC, including temperature (- 0C to +70C), relative humidity (0 to 100% RH) and dew point data. The included EL-USB-RT software provides a clean, straight-forward display and intuitive controls. Data is logged to your hard drive at a rate of one sample per second. Each data file can contain up to 7 days of continuous data. Once recorded, data can be plotted using the EL-USB-RT software or exported to Microsoft Excel. The alarm feature incorporated into the EL-USB-RT software allows you to trigger an audible alarm, send a text message to a cell phone and/or an email notification, anywhere in the world, when temperature, humidity or dew point exceed specified thresholds.


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