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8B Signal Conditioning Modules

The DI-8B Series is a family of low-cost, high performance plug-in signal conditioners. With over 90 modules to choose from that interface to a wide variety of voltage, current, temperature, position, frequency, and strain measuring devices, it is easy to find a module to fit your signal conditioning data acquisition needs. One-fifth the size of competing products, DI-8B modules offer fully functional performance with superior specifications such as ±0.05% accuracy, ±0.02% linearity, three poles of filtering, 1000V Input-to-Output Isolation (when used with the DI-718B), 500V Channel-to-Channel Isolation (when used with the DI-718B), low output noise, and much more (see each module’s datasheet for a complete list of specifications).

Product Highlights

  • Use with the DI-718B Stand-alone Data Logger/Data Acquisition System or the DI-78B Data Acquisition Backpack Expansion Instrument.
  • Direct Interface to Thermocouples, RTDs, Strain Gages, Voltage, and Process Current Signals.
  • Rugged, Compact, Low Cost.
  • High Accuracy, Low Drift.
  • Input-to-Output Isolation. (Why is this important?)
  • Mix and Match Modules as Needed.
  • Small size 1.11 × 1.65 × 0.40 inches. View the DI-8B Module Dimensions and Pinouts.

View the DI-8B Module Selection Guide

Create a complete measurement solution!

  • Start with your industrial amplifiers.
  • Add DATAQ hardware to digitize your signals.
  • Complete the package with WinDaq playback and analysis software.

The DI-8B Series is a family of low cost, high performance, plug-in signal conditioning modules. Designed for industrial applications, these modules incorporate an innovative circuit design using transformer-based isolation. Combining 1500V rms continuous common mode voltage isolation, ±0.05% accuracy, small size and low cost, the DI-8B Series is an attractive alternative to expensive signal conditioners and in-house designs. Our DI-718B Series, the DI-788, and the DI-78B expansion unit accepts DI-8B modules.

Rugged, Uniform Package

All modules are identical in pinout and size (1.11 × 1.65 × 0.40 inches), and are hard-potted to protect the internal circuitry from moisture and other contaminants.

High Performance

All modules feature ±0.05% calibrated accuracy and ±0.02% non-linearity. Chopper-based amplification assures a low drift of ±1µV/°C and excellent long term stability (see the each DI-8B module's data sheet for a complete and accurate list of specifications).


The DI-8B Series can be easily tailored to the needs of many applications. These plug-in signal conditioners can be mixed and matched in any combination to adapt to even the most demanding applications. Each module features a simple pin-out, plugs easily into instrument-mounted sockets, and is secured with a self-contained mounting screw.

Easy To Use

The DI-8B Series has no pots to adjust. Simply choose the module, function, and measurement range, then install it in the instrument. Now connect your input signals. The instrument becomes a direct sensor interface, outputting a perfectly conditioned, ±5V signal (ideal for WinDaq software).

On-Board CJ Compensation

Each input connector of the DI-8B Series backplane is complemented by a cold junction compensation circuit, allowing the thermocouple modules to be located in any position.

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