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Kits for Industrial Trouble Shooting, Sports
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Industrial Troubleshooting
 Made Easy !
UltraVision Trouble Shooter Kit is a low cost digital high speed video camera system for slow motion analysis. Record up to 370 frames per second (higher speed at reduced resolution) and stop the action. Thousands of images can be captured with the push of a button on your own laptop. Images/video sequences can be reviewed then saved to your laptops' memory or recorded direct to hard disk for longer recording sequences.

The UltraVision Trouble Shooter Kit has proved very popular for helping manufacturers improve operational efficiency by troubleshooting machinery, reducing downtime, reducing online jams, speeding up the line set-up and changeovers and increased quality control.  With the UltraVision Trouble Shooter Kit you have the ability to identify points of failure, what caused the failures, and how the failures propagated through your production line.

Also ideal for laboratory or in-the-field work such as sports science, human motion studies, biomechanics studies, sports training and animal movement.

The majority of machine maintenance applications can be achieved using a frame rate of 200 -300fps at full resolution. If your process requires a higher frame we suggest you look at the MotionBLITZ Cube Series

UltraVision Trouble
Shooter Kit

  • USB 3.0 or GigE Camera
  • Models: Colour or Monochrome
  • Frame rate up to 370 fps at 640x480 pixles up to 165fps at 1920x108o pixles(faster at reduced pixel resolution)
  • Adjustable Exposure Control 
  • Recording Time:
       - Into PC Memory ~17 seconds(at 640x480 pixels/210 fps) Laptop dependant
       - Direct to Disk ~ 30mins using a 128Gbyte SSD(at at 640x480 pixels/210 fps) Laptop dependant
  • Saved Image Formats: BMP, JPG, TIF, AVI, MPEG
  • Multiple Camera Support (Only with TroublePix)
  • Optional Event Trigger, Pre-, Post, Event Duration Adjustable
  • UltraVision Lite Software Included
  • Optional TroublePix Software
  • High Resolution 8-80mm Lens Assembly
  • 800W Light Source or Optional LED Light Source
  • Camera and Light Mounting Arms
  • Stowed in a rugged carry case with fitted locations for each included item.

TroublePix Software Interface
How the UltraVision Trouble Shooter Kit is helping Industry

Industrial equipment represents one of the largest, and most important investments most production companies will ever make. Not only is the equipment itself a sensitive and complicated infrastructure component, but it is also often depended upon to run at full capacity for weeks and months on end. Any interruption of service is more than just inconvenient it can also be an expensive proposition that directly translates into lost income and missed opportunity on a larger scale. 

It is obvious that the high costs associated with equipment downtime requires that companies employ the best possible system in order to troubleshoot equipment failures. The high speed digital video recording troubleshooting system is an advanced monitoring system that takes the guess work out of diagnosing equipment failures regardless of where the problem may be located. The system provides high speed video coverage of industrial machinery, laboratories or outdoor work areas that is meant to speed up the troubleshooting process when looking at a complex facility harbouring many different layers of equipment and machinery. It is especially useful in areas such as industrial packaging where jams and other line errors can cause significant disruptions if they are not dealt with, rapidly and effectively. 

If you would like to discuss the details of our high speed digital video recording troubleshooting system and how it can be employed by your workers to help troubleshoot and monitor your industrial equipment please give us a call or email us


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