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Sony XCD-V50 IEEE 1394.b
Monochrome Firewire Camera

First IEEE 1394.b digital camera with fast frame
rates and 14-bit output

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Get more fire out of your firewire™ with Sony's first IEEE 1394.b digital camera with fast frame rates and 14-bit output. Sony's new XCD-V50 monochrome digital camera incorporates a 1/3 type progressive scan CCD with square pixels that produces high-quality VGA (640 x 480) images transferred via a high-performance IEEE 1394.b interface. This ultra-compact camera supports cable lengths up to 100 meters and has the ability to daisy-chain multiple cameras on a single run. Plus the XCD-V50 features two screw cable connectors for a more robust performance compared to standard cables. And best of all, the XCD-V50 is backward compatible with conventional 1394 via IIDC 1.31 support.

With a variety of convenient features such as an external trigger input for the capture of fast moving objects or still images in low-light environments, and selectable video modes, the XCD-V50 is ideal for image processing and analysis as well as printed circuit board, bar code and bottle inspection applications.

Sony IEEE1394.a Software Development Kit

Sony IEEE1394.a Software Development Kit 
(including Driver)
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UltraVision Lite Digital Video Streaming Software
(free on request with every camera purchased)

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glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) Specifications
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Ask us About the XCD-V50 ?

Need a lens ?Need a lens ?
Std C/CS mount macro,
vari-focal & zoom lenses.
Video Streaming SoftwareVideo Streaming Software
(video recording, machine
maintenance etc)
Developers SoftwareDevelopers Software
(SDK, Imaging Libraries,
application packages etc)
Digital CablesFirewire Accessories
Cables, PCI Firewire cards, repeaters etc
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) 1/3 type progressive scan CCD with square pixels VGA resolution (640 x 480)
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) IEEE 1394.b digital interface compliant
8-bit (Mono8) or 14-bit (Mono16) output
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) High frame rate of up to 60 fps
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) IIDC Ver. 1.31 compliant
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) External trigger input
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) Fast hardware or software asynchronous trigger
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) Selectable gain control: Auto/Manual gain (+0 to +18 dB, 0.035 dB steps)
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) C Mount
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) Ultra-compact and lightweight design equal to the Sony XC-ST series
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) High shock and vibration tolerance
glo_rightarrow_sm.gif (78 bytes) Lead free solder printed wiring board (PWB)
Specification Detail
Image Device 1/3 type Progressive Scan CCD
Effective Pixel Elements 659 x 494
Output Image Size (H x V) 640 x 480 (VGA)
Cell Size 7.4 x 7.4 m (H/V)
Minimum Illumination 4 lux (F1.4, + 18 dB gain)
Digital Interface IEEE 1394.b-2002
Lens Mount C Mount
Transfer Rate 800/400 Mbps
Frame Rate 60/30/15 fps
Gain Control Manual (0 to 18 dB, 0.035 dB steps)
External Trigger Shutter Trigger start (mode0), trigger start and exposure duration (mode1)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 44 x 29 x 57.5 mm (1-3/4 x 1-3/16 x 2-3/8 inches)
Mass 120 g (4 oz)
Power Requirements DC 8 to 30V
Operating Temperature -5 to 45 C (23 to 113F)
Storage Temperature -20 to 60 C (-4 to 140 F)
Operating Humidity 20 to 80% (no condensation)
Storage Humidity 20 to 95% (no condensation)
Vibration Resistance 10G (20Hz to 200 Hz)
Shock Resistance 70 G

Firewire SDK/Drivers
Selecting the correct SDK/driver for your application is very important.
Apart from the free SDK/drivers listed below (Linux Drivers also available)
we also have commercial SDK/Drivers available.To help identify what
driver is best for your application please contact us for more information.
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Sony IEEE1394.a Software Development Kit 
(including Driver)

Sony is disclosing its first and complete SDK to develop and debug camera control applications for IIDC1394 Sony digital cameras using Microsoft DirectShow Application Program interface (API), or the easy to use IIDCAPI camera control API. Combined with a Sony IEEE1394 camera, this toolkit offers software engineers the opportunity to save development time and cost within an appropriate solution for their project. If you are purchasing a Sony IEEE1394 camera, you will get FREE access to this SDK. It's really easy to use . All you need is to have a good knowledge of C/C++ programming with DirectShow.

SDK Benefits
  • Faster development time with the easy to use IIDCAPI SDK
  • Direct show SDK for compatibility with Microsoft standard
  • Source codes * of Sony sample applications : SonyCap (Direct Show example), SonyOHCI (capture and control Sony camera using Direct Show) and SonyIIDC (full control, display and capture using IIDCAPI)
  • Source code * of DirectShow Bayer conversion filter
  • Full support and control of all Sony 1394 camera features
  • Capture image data in various sizes, formats and frames rate
  • Fully documented with a complete programming guide, reference guide
  • and Direct Show tutorial to reduce your learning time
  • Support all OHCI compatible hardware interface board.

* Subject to License terms
Software compatibility:
Windows 2000 SP4 /XP SP1 and higher, Direct X 9.0c, Visual studio .NET 2002 or higher.


Free Generic IIDC Firewire SDK/Drivers
Apart from the new Sony SDK we have available free generic IIDC industrial firewire camera SDK/drivers (Linux Drivers also available) . We supply these, on request, with every camera purchased - please contact us for more information.
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Commercial SDK/Drivers
Fire-iAPI™3.0 IEEE-1394 Digital Camera Development ToolKit

A complete SDK to develop and debug professional applications for IIDC 1394 Digital Cameras.
Fire-iAPI™3.0 now includes in one product both MS Stack and ubCore™ SDKs, allowing the developer to choose the most appropriate tools for his project. Same licensing scheme is valid in both environments.
More Info

Image Analysis/Machine Vision Development Tools:
- MonitVision Development Kit
Euresys eVision Vision Tools

Video Streaming Software
Application Software:
- UltraVision Lite/Pro
- StreamPix


Packaging - Camera Kits
The XCD-V50 camera can be purchased as a packaged kit or as an individual component.
Sony Digital Camera Kit
  • Sony XCD-V50 series camera
  • Ultra/DLL SDK/Driver Software
  • UltraVision Lite Video Streaming Software
  • Choice of PCI or PCMCIA Firewire Interface Card(inc accessories kit)
  • C-mount lens. More Info
  • One 2m, 4.5 m or 10m FireWire 6-pin cable

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