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Sony Introduces New FCB E Series Block Camera

New Models:
FCB-EX995E/P (Replaces FCB-EX990D/P and FCB-EX980S/P)
FCB-EX985E/P (Replaces FCB-EX980/P)
FCB-EX490E/P (Replaces FCB-EX490D/P, FCB-EX480C/P, and FCB-PV480)
FCB-EX48E/P (Replaces FCB-EX48C/P, FCB-EX45C/P, FCB-IX47C/P, and FCB-IX45C/P)

Sony is expanding its popular FCB block camera series with the introduction of eight new E Version block cameras. These eight new cameras combine superb picture quality with high zoom capabilities ranging from 18x to 28x. The FCB E cameras are equipped with IP-ready digital output and enhanced white balance functions compared to prior FCB models.

New Features & Benefits
True Progressive Scan (FCB-EX995E/995EP and FCB-EX490E/490EP cameras only): Ideally suited for IP-ready monitoring applications , the FCB-EX995E/995P and FCBEX490E/ 490EP cameras adopt a Progressive Scan mode to provide smooth and clear images when viewing details in a moving image (i.e., license plate of moving vehicles, a person running). All the processing is done by the PS from the CCD readout, signal to processing to video output. Digital Output (ITU-R BT656) (All Models): By using the digital interface, the quality of the camera’s video signal does not deteriorate. This can lead to cost savings due to the direct connection to codecs/systems without the need for any additional components. Temperature Readout (All Models): The value of the internal temperature of the FCB E Version cameras can be read out via the VISCA™ protocol. When checking the internal temperature of equipment (i.e., speed dome unit), it is possible to use this data to turn a fan or heater on/off inside the equipment as needed. Colour Enhancement (All Models): Ideally suited for low vision applications, new colour enhancement options can make reading text and pictures less challenging. Available options include monochrome, binary, inverted and enhanced colour modes.

Upgraded Features & Benefits

  • Auto Wide-D Mode (FCB-EX995E/995EP and FCB-EX490E/490EP cameras only): When dealing with high or low contrast lighting situations in the previous FCB cameras, it was necessary to switch off the Wide-D function by sending a VISCA command each time. With the new FCB-EX995E/995EP and FCB-EX490E/490EP, the cameras monitor the luminance differences within an image and automatically switch on and off the Wide D feature according to the contrasted lighting environment. How is this done? An image is divided into 12 blocks. The luminance of each block is then averaged and the camera monitors the difference of all 12 blocks. When the luminance difference between the highest and lowest block area reaches a pre-selected level, the camera automatically turns on/off the Wide-D. This process takes less than one second. In addition, it is possible to select three levels of luminance differences (low/mid/high).
  • Interlace Wide-D and Progressive Scan Wide-D Modes (FCB-EX995E/995EP and FCBEX490E/ 490EP cameras only): Auto Wide-D is available in both Interlace and Progressive Scan modes for the FCB-EX995E/995EP and FCB-EX490E/490EP cameras. Interlace mode is ideally suited for high-contract lighting environments and Progressive Scan mode is suited for low contrast environments. When high shutter speed is needed for moving objects, the Interlace Wide-D provides outstanding picture resolution due to its 60i/50i mode. When shooting in low contrast lighting environments, the Progressive Scan mode extends the high shutter speed so jagged edges are reduced.
  • Improved Picture Quality with Wide-D (FCB-EX995E/995EP and FCB-EX490E/490EP cameras only): With the FCB-EX995E/995EP and EX490E/490EP cameras, noise is reduced by putting a peak clip on the long-time exposure signal and a dark clip on the short-time exposure signal.
  • Image Stabilization – StableZoom Mode (FCB-EX995E/995EP and FCB-EX985E/985EP cameras only): The FCB-EX995E/995EP and FCB-EX985E/985EP cameras adopt a new method of Image Stabilization by using the digital zoom. When the optical zoom reaches a certain ratio, the Image Stabilization function starts to work by gradually combining with the digital zoom. The area is enlarged by the digital zoom and absorbs shaky movements. StableZoom mode is recommended for the following situations:
    • Image Stabilization is not needed at the wide end.
    • Need to keep the horizontal resolution and horizontal angle of view at the wide end.
    • Need to have Image Stabilization up to a higher magnification than 36x (up to 43x)
  • White Balance:
    • Outdoor Auto Mode (All Models): The FCB-E Version cameras are equipped with a new Outdoor Auto Mode feature. When shooting at dawn or dusk, images could appear bluish. The new E version cameras automatically adjust the white balance to reduce the dark tones at dawn or dusk.
    • Sodium Vapor Lamp Mode (All Models): When cameras are shooting under a sodium vapor lamp (typically a street lamp or tunnel lamp), the image could appear to have a yellowish tint. The new FCB E Version cameras are equipped with a new Sodium Vapor Lamp Mode that automatically compensates for the sodium vapor lamp degree of Kelvin to restore objects to their original colour.

    Estimated Availability
    FCB-EX1020/P - October
    FCB-EX995E/P - October
    FCB-EX985E/P - October
    FCB-EX490E/P - October
    FCB-EX48E/P - October


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