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Imaging Products
Pixelink High performance, 1.3 megapixel monochrome camera
designed specifically for machine vision applications
Industrial Vision CMOS
Colour/Mono : Monochrome
Resolution : 1280 x 1024
Frame Rate : 30
Lens Mount : C
Sensor: 1/2" CMOS
Bit Depth : 8 or 10
Pixel Pitch : 6.7 m
Interface : FireWire
Trigger Type : H/W or S/W
Shutter Type : Rolling
Gen Purpose Outputs : 2 multi-function
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The PL-B771F is a 1.3 megapixel monochrome industrial camera designed to capture high quality images. The camera can provide 30 frames per second at full resolution (1280x1024) to the computer. For preview, the resolution can be decimated to provide up to 100 frames per second at VGA resolution. The region of interest is user selectable and there are multiple decimation modes that make the camera very flexible.

The PL-B771F is a feature rich camera with DCAM (IIDC V1.31) compatible functionality including multiple image formats and modes, shutter, gain, brightness (black level offset), frame-rate controls, and four trigger modes. The PL-B771F also includes Flat Field Correction (FFC) on board the camera to enhance image quality. In addition, the PL-B771F has extended functionality that can be accessed using the PixeLINK Application Programming Interface (API). This functionality includes additional trigger modes, general purpose outputs that can be used as communications lines or strobe signals for lighting or motion controllers, on-board user-programmable lookup table (LUT), applied in real-time, on-board non-volatile memory for camera configuration, and camera configuration descriptors for rapid changes to camera settings between frames.

The PL-B771F was designed for board range of machine vision and OEM applications such as electronics and semi-conductor inspection, biometrics, OCR and forms processing, traffic monitoring, container inspection and CD/DVD inspection.


Camera Specifications
Colour / Mono Monochrome
Resolution 1280 x 1024
Frame Rate at Full Resolution 30
Sensor Type CMOS
Shutter Type Rolling
Lens Format C 1/2
Pixel Pitch 5.2 m
Sensor Diagonal 8.52 mm
Bit Depth 8 or 10
Power Consumption (Watts) 3.2W
Variable ROI Yes
Right-angle Capable Yes
Interface (FireWire) 6 pins x 2
Camera Features via FireWire
Trigger Options Hardware - Optically Isolated 5-12V @ 4-11mA, Software and Free Running
General Purpose Outputs 2 Optically Isolated - Maximum 40V Differential. Maximum 15mA
Image Quality Measures
Responsivity (Peak) 11.8DN/(nJ/cm2)
Dynamic Range 60 dB
FPN < 1%
PRNU < 1%
Read Noise < 1 DN
Image Quality Measures
PixeLINK Capture OEM Free
SDK (incl. LabView Wrappers) Optional
Direct Show Compatible Yes
Windows Compatible 2000/XP
IIDC DCAM Compatible Version 1.31) Including Format 7 Extensions

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