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Imaging Products
Mikrotron MC1302, MC1303
High Speed Digital Cameras

High Speed, 100fps MegaPixel
CMOS Camera

Camera Kits  
Mikrotron High Speed Cameras
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  • MC1302 monochrome
  • MC1303 RGB colour with BAYER filter
  • Up to 100 fps @ 1280 (H) x 1024 (V) resolution
  • 1024 or 256 grey scales
  • Camera Link™ output with 660 Mbyte/s max. data rate
  • Random selection of window size and position  Asynchronous global shutter
  • Horizontal und vertical pixel binning
  • ImageBLITZ. image trigger
  • Low power consumption
  • Small, compact size

MotionBLITZ Kit Now Available
Includes Camera, Frame Grabber, Cable, Software etc

Other High Speed Cameras from Mikrotron


  Product Specifications

Ask us About the MC1302/MC1303 ?

Need a lens ? Need a lens ?
Std C/CS mount macro,
vari-focal & zoom lenses.
Camera Link Cables 
Compatible Frame Grabbers
 (Camera Interfacing)

Flexible resolution and speed

Mikrotrons MC1302/03 are high-speed megaPixel CMOS cameras with a resolution of 1280 (H) x 1024 (V) pixel. In contrast to high resolution CCD-imagers, modern CMOS-sensors offer high resolution and extremely high data rates. Because window size, position (ROI), and clock frequency is randomly program-mable, resolution and frame rate of MC1302/03 can be easily adapted to any specific requirements.

Easy configuration
MC1302/03 configuration is done via the Camera Link ™ interface. Eight sets of camera configuration schemes can be stored in non-volatile memory of the cameras microcontroller. Even the FPGA configuration file can be downloaded for very special customer needs e.g.: image preprocessing in MC1302/03 hardware.

Window size and position (ROI) on the imager plus clock speed are programmable. With a pixel clock of 33 MHz on the "Base" Camera Link™ connector and a window size of 100 x 100 pixel a frame rate of more than 4.850 fps can be achieved. Maximum video data rate at the 64-bit "Full" Camera Link™ connector is 660 Mbyte/sec.

"Freeze Frame" full frame shutter
The MC1302/03 has a "Freeze Frame" shutter. This shutter "freezes" and stores the complete full frame at the end of the exposure time while exposing the next image.

In this way the full frame shutter makes the sharply defined ex-posure of very fast, dynamic processes possible.

MC1302/03 can expose images synchronously or asynchronously. In synchronous (free run) mode exposure time equals frame time or, for shorter exposure times, the electronic shutter can be activated with a minimal shutter time of 4µs. In asynchro-nous mode an image is exposed by an external trigger.

Camera Link™ compatible output
Using 2x10-Bit data output the full dynamic range of the sensor is available on the output. If less bandwidth and more speed is desired, any 8-Bits out of the 10-Bits of the sensor can be selected and output as 2x8-Bit or 8x8-Bit as full Camera Link™ output format.

Horizontal and Vertical Pixelbinning
With high frame rates the exposure time is short. For more sensitivity the grey level of two adjacent or pixel in one row or one column or both can be summed.

ImageBLITZ.Image trigger
ImageBLITZ. integrates the function of an optical sensor or any other external actuator inside MC1302/03 hardware without any support of an image processing system.

The hardware inside the camera controls with very high repetition rate the intensity along an arbitrary selectable piece of one of the 1024 rows of the imager. If along that piece of the selected row a selectable number of grey values are beyond or below a selectable threshold, one complete image is automatically exposed and output.

This is the advantage: no mounting and adjustment of an optical sensor and each object is captured at the exact same position of the image.

Camera configuration tool
The MC1302/03 is delivered with a configuration program for Windows™ operating systems. The clearly defined control surface allows to work with it intuitively. All parameters of the camera may be set directly or via sliders. The resulting commands are transmitted by the serial interface of Camera Link™ and can be reviewed by the integrated command monitor. The selected settings may be stored in the camera or in a separate file


Mikrotron MotionBLITZ Kits

MotionBLITZ Kits include the following
- High speed monochrome/colour camera 
- High Speed Interface Card
- Camera Link Cables
- Power supply
- Optocoupled Digital Input/output cable 
- Standard C-mount, optional F-mount
- MotionBLITZ Director Software



Mikrotron's MC1302/1303 camera series are equipped with a digital video interface that conforms to the Camera Link industry standard. These cameras enable the capture of high-speed, high-resolution images while simplifying connectivity to machine-vision systems with its standard 3M MDR 26-pin cable.

MC1302 Sensor
MC1303 Sensor

Linear response, monochrome
RGB colour with BAYER filter and UV-IR filter

Number of Pixels 1280(H) x 1024(V)
Optical Active Area 12 x 12 µm(H/V)
Fill Factor 40%
Spectral Bandwidth 400-800nm
Illumination @ ADC Vref=1V 1600 LSBlux/sec at 550nm
Dynamics 59 dB
Frame Rate 100fps @ 1280 x1024 Pixels
1000 fps @1280 x 360 Pixels
4956 fps @1280 x 100 Pixels
Video Output "Base" Camera Link
2 x 8-bit or 2 x 10-bit
Synchronisation Internal or External
Pixel Clock 7.5 - 85MHz
Asynchronous Shutter Internal Timer, 1024 steps, 4us to 32ms or by pulse width trigger signal
Gain Digital x 1, 2, 4
Camera Configuration "Base" Camera Link
Power Supply 8 - 35V DC

Power consumption max.
100*100 @ 4956fps typ.
1280*1024 @ 47fps typ.
Thermal resistance typ.


Case Temperature 5 to 50 °C
Size 63 x 63 x 47 mm
Weight ~ 300g
Lens C-Mount, F-Mount with adapter

Ordering Information



Monochrome, 1280x1024 Pixels, 100fps, Camera Link, C-Mount


Monochrome, 1280x1024 Pixels, 100fps, Camera Link, F-Mount


Colour, 1280x1024 Pixels, 100fps, Camera Link, C-Mount


Colour, 1280x1024 Pixels, 100fps, Camera Link, F-Mount


Camera Cables


26pin CameraLink Cable, 3m


26pin CameraLink Cable, 5m


26pin CameraLink Cable, 10m

Power Cables


Mikrotron Power cable for MC13XX - 3m


Mikrotron Power cable for MC13XX - 5m


Mikrotron Power cable for MC13XX - 10m


MotionBLITZ Kits
High Speed Camera System with variable frame rate and resolution


MotionBLITZ®-Kit 1M1 High Speed Camera System with variable frame rate and resolution, up to 16,000 fps and up to 8 sec. recording time, monochrome, 100fps @ 1280(H)*1024(V)
CAMMB-KIT-1C1 MotionBLITZ®-Kit 1C1 High Speed Camera System with variable frame rate and resolution, up to16,000 fps and up to 8 sec. recording time, colour, 100fps @ 1280(H)*1024(V)
CAMMB-KIT-1M MotionBLITZ®-Kit 1M  High Speed Camera System with variable frame rate and resolution, up to 16,000 fps and up to 1.5 sec. recording time, monochrome, 500fps @ 1280(H)*1024(V)
CAMMB-KIT-1C MotionBLITZ®-Kit 1C High Speed Camera System with variable frame rate and resolution, up to 16,000 fps and up to 1.5 sec. recording time, colour, 500fps @ 1280(H)*1024(V)
Consist of the following components
  - Camera with MegaPixel sensor, resolution 1280(H)*1024(V)
  - Monochrome or colour
  - 100 / 500 full fps, adjustable up to 16.000 fps at reduced resolution
  - PCI/PCI-X camera control and frame store board with 1GB onboard memory
  - 1 / 2x Camera Link® cable, 5m
  - Camera power supply
  - Rear panel cable (KMFK1003 / KMFK1010) for external trigger and PC-bracket
  - C-mount, F-mount with adapter (optional)
  - MotionBLITZ® installations- and usersoftware for Windows 2000/XP™
Mikrotron MotionBLITZ® Director features
  - Camera control
  - Resolution/Region of Interest (ROI)
  - Speed (frames per second, fps)
  - shutter time
  - Recording control
  - Single/multi-sequence
  - Play-back of recorded sequences
  - Select and edit sequences as
  - Video in .avi-format
  - Single or multiple images as .bmp-files
  - Offline version for desktop offline use available


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