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DCL/RL.WI 4540 - Overview 1394 Imaging - technology based on standards
Overview  | Specification  
DCL/RL.WI 4540
  • Direct connection to The Imaging Cameras 
  • Extra bright white LEDs
  • Full control from IC Capture, IC Imaging Control® and custom software
  • Compatible to the USB cameras Dxx 21BU04.H, Dxx 31BU03.H and Dxx 41BU02.H
  • Compatible to the FireWire cameras Dxx 21BF04.H, Dxx 31BF03.H and Dxx 41BF02.H
  • Compatible to the GigE cameras Dxx 21BG04.H, Dxx 31BG03.H and Dxx 41GF02.H

Lighting integration

Ships with control

Ships with SDK

DCL/RL.WI 4540 Specifications
General behaviour:
Wavelength 400-700nm
Supply Voltage 12VDC
Current Consumption Approx 200mA at 12VDC
Life Expectancy 70000 hours
Opening 45°
Number of LED's 18
Dimensions H:61mm, W:60mm, L:116.7mm
Mass 80g
Max. temperature (operation) -10 °C to 50 °C


Technical data subject to change at any time without notice.