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Accessories for High Speed Video

Universal Camera Support inside and around machines Film flood light for large scenery shooting Selection of objective lenses






Even the most powerful high speed camera is blind and useless without lenses and lighting equipment. The camera can't stand without support and recorded slow motion videos remain locked inside without a computer and data transfer gear.

For your convenience we have put together a selection of helpful accessories which may help you get the best out of your high speed video equipment in any situation given by your operating environment. These are the categories to be considered.

Objective Lenses

Objective Lenses to cover focal lengths from wide angle to telephoto, zoom and macro functions, threaded and bayonet mounts


Powerful, constant and flexible light sources are the second essential foundation for successful high speed video recording. There is never too much light - but just a few devices cover most lighting requirements in high speed video recording.

Camera Support

Reliable support for a high speed camera is fundamental to successful recording - and the life insurance of the valuable system. 


For a MotionBLITZ® Cube a notebook computer serves as control unit and in most cases it is also used for slow motion analysis purposes.

For PC based cameras either a laptop or standard tower, rack mount or desktop computer to accommodate the camera interface etc.

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