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High Definition Cameras (HD)

   Video Switcher Board for FCB-H11 / FCB-H10

Front Side of HDVS-SDI/A
(HD-SDI or analog HD output)
Backside of HDVS-SDI/A
(HD-SDI or analog HD output)
HDVS-SDI/A is a dual LVDS input switcher board. It consists of a single PCB. It provides two LVDS input interfaces. Each LVDS input interface connects to a Sony FCB-H10 or FCB-H11 camera. Camera 1 is used as a sync reference for the synchronized switching between the two cameras. Camera 2ís video output is synchronized to camera 1. When switching occurs, no artifacts are visible. The current frame completes and a new frame from the selected camera follows. 

Based on the board version, the selected output is either converted to analog HD YPbPr or HD-SDI. The cameras can be operated independently and their settings can be changed independently. The board provides a RS232/RS422 interface. The board and both cameras can be controlled via this interface. The board also supplies power to the cameras (12VDC regulated). 

The HDVS-SDI/A also provides a PIP option. This allows the simultaneous viewing of both cameras. When PIP option is selected a window will open within the main window displaying the other camera. The content of PIP window and main window can be swapped. The PIP window can also be resized and repositioned within the main window.


                                                   HD-VS System Block Diagram

 PIP Option

PIP Application Example:
Camera 1 captures overview and camera 2 operates with optical
zoom providing a detailed view of any region of interest. The
content of the two windows can be swapped, and the PIP window
can be resized and repositioned within the main window.

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