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Basler A200 Series Cameras

Basler Vision Technologies
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The Basler A200 Series offers one of the highest area scan frame rates available in a megapixel camera. At full megapixel resolution, the A201b outputs 30 fps and the A202k outputs 48 fps.

A200 high-performance cameras are ideal for a variety of industrial applications including: semiconductor and component inspection, manufacturing quality control, traffic control, food and beverage inspection, microscopy and medical imaging, and many other vision applications.

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A200 Series

Digital Cables Cables
Need a lens ? Need a lens ?
Std C/CS mount macro,
vari-focal & zoom lenses.
Video Streaming Software Video Streaming Software
(video recording, machine
maintenance etc)
Ask us About the A200 Series ? cam_giga.gif (1893 bytes) Giga-BIC converts camera output from the Camera Link format to Gigabit Ethernet format
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Features/benefits of the Basler A200 Series
  • Superior image quality improves your image processing results
  • Super compact size reduces the space needed in your installation
  • 100% factory testing ensures consistent product quality
  • LED indicators and test image generation capability reduce your integration time and aid troubleshooting
  • Area of Interest (AOI) scanning allows higher frame rates
  • Windows® setup tool lets you configure your camera with ease
  • Electronic exposure control provides maximum flexibility
With a choice of different integration modes as well as adjustable gain and offset, these are very flexible cameras. A200 cameras can be triggered via an external sync signal or run in an internally controlled "free-run" mode. The cameras operate with a single voltage power supply and have simple cabling requirements.

An optional converter is available for A200 cameras to transform the video data output to standard RS-644 LVDS.
The A200 series cameras can be purchased as a complete package including:


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